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Stable Assets


Stablecoins built on the Tezos blockchain in the Tezos FA token standard (the prevailing community token standard). Assets include USDtz, (as well as BTCtz, GLDtz, EURtz, and ETHtz. and others) Each wrapping their namesake asset by hard collateral types, respectively. 



Taking Tezos on-chain governance process as a model, we apply a consensus system for dApp governance. dApp governance must likewise be a process of balanced discourse between all opinions and parties, to avoid hard-forks, and render outcomes that represent the directional guidance of an informed consensus.


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Stable Markets


TEZEX is the concatenation of the words Tezos Exchange. TEZEX will begin as a liquidity DEX, optimized for stablecoins and those coins most frequently traded for stablecoins. By focusing on these pairings TEZEX can provide greater network efficiency and lower fees.




Borrowing and supplying assets are a critical aspect of finance in general, and increasingly so for Decentralized Finance.  With Tezos Liquid Proof of Stake, suppliers expect not only rewards for supplying their XTZ, but baking rewards for their tez as well.



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