We are Stable. We make stable things for DeFi.

Stable Assets

Stablecoins built on the Tezos blockchain in the Tezos FA token standard (the prevailing community token standard). Assets include USDtz. Coming soon are BTCtz, GLDtz, EURtz, and ETHtz. Each wrapping their namesake asset by hard collateral types, respectively. "StableTez" Stabletez.com we've made into a gateway portal for all of these assets.


Stable Governance

The systems and methods by which an off-chain foundation's functions are devlolved into pure on-chain governance through smart-contract interaction — a successful DAO. The strength of any asset, stablecoin or otherwise, depends upon the strength and success of a DAO. We are inspired by Tezos On-Chain Governance.


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Stable Tech

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